A New Cell Phone Number

Many of my family, clients, friends and creditors have become accustomed to calling me on my cell phone. And as you know, I gracefully welcome this kind of interaction as often as I can!

That said, it has become critical over the last few days to change my phone number, and in the process, settling into a more local area code. You can now reach me directly at:

(###) ###-####

This takes the place of the old number, (773) 617-3551 – please make a note of it. I’m terribly sorry if this too much an inconvenience…

That said, you can always contact me at the offices of Opuscule Productions, Inc. at (347) 766-6787

The Long Story

Unfortunately, as a small business owner, my cell phone number lives in quite an array of places. Google has it, so does Yahoo! and Bing, and I am listed as a “Technical Contact” on 117 websites. It’s on Flickr, YouTube, Yelp, and countless other websites I don’t even know about.

On Monday, I started receiving phone calls from car insurance agents, recruiting officers, community college representatives and a dozen more organizations saying that I filled out an online form for more information. This is not true. Actually, I do not own a car, I’m done with college, and I’m quite certain I’ve passed the age limit to enlist in the armed services.

All of this despite my clearly being included in the National Do Not Call Registry. Sad, I know…

I hope the rest of your day goes splendidly!
Robert C. Bowman III


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