Video Production

Lights, Camera, Action!

Whether you're looking to show off your new product, record some video testimonials, spread a viral video or anything in between, Opuscule can help. Our nimble, efficient, and cross-discipline team writes scrips, edits footage, provides royalty-free music, casts actors and models, and captures that footage with top-of-the-line equipment surrounded by lights and microphones.


The most important part of the process is pre-production, where everything starts. From script writing to casting and release forms, location scouting to shot pre-visualizations - let Opuscule's expert creatives produce a plan on your budget.


Once on location, Opuscule's team quickly sets up with little interruption. Each shot needs lighting and sound checks, script supervision, and gear to capture the best angles. And we're no strangers to recording voice overs or working with non-actors, too.


Now that the audio and visual has been recorded, it's time to edit it all together. We generate appropriate graphics, find royalty-free music, record ADR, and deliver finished videos in whatever format your team needs.

NYC Video Production

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The full service NYC video production experts at Opuscule bring over a decade of experience to the shoot. Contact us for a free estimate and let's get your project to the masses!

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