Opuscule first opened our doors in Chicago in 2006, a scrappy startup that quickly found its niche working with small businesses. We’ve spent many a sleepless night launching a client’s website, traveled across the US for photo and video shoots, set up thousands of email accounts, watched clients come and go and flourish and grow, and been so happy to be part of so many people’s lives.

Robert C. Bowman III

Meet Robert C. Bowman III

Hi! When I’m not thinking about or creating a better internet I can be found: changing dirty diapers; getting tattoos; geeking out over some podcast; re-watching “Parks & Rec.” or occasionally, trying my hand at open mic standup comedy!

Humble Beginnings

An iconic business with a unique name needs an equally memorable logo. It started with a rasterized photo of a toilet paper roll put on backward, and that was enough in our minds to rush to get business cards printed.

Shown here, the very first design with Robert, known then as Opuscule’s “Force Handle” – because we were too cool to use Chief Executive Officer.

Opuscule's First Business Card
New York City skyline

We ❤️ NYC

I represent a small video production business operating out of New York. After working with other web developers, I found the process tedious, creatively limiting, and costly. Finally, when I contacted Rob — it was like a breath of fresh air. I needed a basic platform where I could easily update media whenever I finish videos. He listened, and he was able to create a template-based website that is now visible at muonfilms.com. It’s been three months since we finished it, and I have gotten rave reviews for its ease of use, and aesthetics. I feel really fortunate for meeting Rob, and getting this whole thing going. Great guy, I would highly recommend his services.