Opuscule first opened our doors in Chicago in 2006, a scrappy startup that quickly found its niche working with small businesses. We’ve spent many a sleepless night launching a client’s website, traveled across the US for photo and video shoots, set up thousands of email accounts, watched clients come and go and flourish and grow, and been so happy to be part of so many people’s lives.

Robert C. Bowman III

Robert C. Bowman III


Since 2006 I have been working with companies large and small to create top notch products…

Jillian Nadell

Jillian Nadell


I am a creative problem solver with a passion for clear, engaging design…


Robert C. Bowman IV

Chief Growth Officer

Born May 2019, “Bo” is already growing like a weed. Also, he’s responsible for business growth, because diapers are expensive!

Humble Beginnings

An iconic business with a unique name needs an equally memorable logo. It started with a rasterized photo of a toilet paper roll put on backward, and that was enough in our minds to rush to get business cards printed.

Shown here, the very first design with Robert, known then as Opuscule’s “Force Handle” – because we were too cool to use Chief Executive Officer.

Opuscule's First Business Card
New York City skyline

We ❤️ NYC

Robert has been incredibly helpful and insightful when it comes to SEO for my website and photography business. He’s reliable, friendly, and patient. This stuff is like a different language to me, but he’s managed to explain it with ease in a way that walks me through everything step by step. He pays attention to every last detail and looks at my site from every direction in order to ensure it will be successful in ranking on search engines to bring me more business. Thanks for being awesome, Robert!

Jessie Caballero Testimonial